Carry Corp

We’re a boutique consultancy that works with consumer brands, and we have an extra special niche in product and retail.

We love collaborating with businesses that are ready to expand but aren’t sure where to start. We offer thoughtful support through growth-oriented strategies and adaptive creative materials, all while fostering your company’s singular voice and culture.  

Consider us as an expansion pack for Commercial Marketing, Product, Education and Sales teams, providing them with the materials they need for growth.

Our Founder

Stephanie Brownlow has introduced industry-changing brands to modern consumers and early adopters for over a decade.

Founding Carry Corp. in 2019 with a gift for operations and a desire to connect with new clients, Stephanie boasts proficiencies across every role in retail development, bringing agile leadership to all her projects. Previously the Director of Product Development and Special Projects at OVO, Stephanie grew the brand from an artist-focused merch line into a globally recognized retail business through must-have apparel launches and industry-shifting collaborations. 

With a deep understanding of the storytelling, dexterity and original thinking required to launch a brand to cult-favorite status, Stephanie guides forward-thinking clients to challenge the status quo as they scale and jump over growth hurdles. Operating with flexibility and speed, Stephanie understands the future of commerce is values-based, which means being responsive to the winds of change.